Use SmileBack with Microsoft Teams




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    Jory Lane

    Neat integration, and works as expected; however, we need the ability to add filters for each instance of the app as we add it to Channels within Teams.  The most important filter for this would be Segment; so that we can ensure that Smilebacks from specific boards (in Connectwise) are routed to specific channels. This becomes particularly important in a multi-region company like ours. 

    Further, I'd like to have the ability to filter by rating type, so we can only show positive, neutral and/or negative Smilebacks in a given Teams channel, as there are different scenarios we would want to accommodate based on who the audience of the Channel is.

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    Eben Marks

    @Jory Lane

    Thanks for your feedback, Jory. I've just sent you an email with some more details.

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